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Here is a 3-minute whiteboard explanation of how Hypnotherapy works:

Hypnotherapy in Sawtell with Diana Deeley

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Through hypnotherapy I can help you with a range of physical and psychological issues.

These include:

· Stop Smoking

· Lose Weight

· Release Anxiety

· Change Limiting Beliefs

· Release Trauma

· Overcome Reactive Depression

· Beat Insomnia

· Beat Skin Conditions e.g. Eczema

· Release Phobias

· Make Better Decisions

· Beat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

About Sawtell Hypnotherapy

Here at Sawtell Hypnotherapy I help you to focus your energies on addressing the cause and not the symptoms of a­n issue. This way you overcome emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns and stop toxic thinking in very short time frames. After all if you had a splinter in your finger you wouldn't analyse why you have it, how long it has been there, where it came from, how big it is or the colour of'd simply get a pair of tweezers and pull it out.

You'll be amazed how quickly and easily you can make the change you want with Sawtell Hypnotherapy.


Diana Deeley (Dip Mod Psych) A.H.A.


You can expect to feel very relaxed and peaceful;

You will hear and remember everything when you come out of hypnosis;

You will be in complete control at all times; and

Your mind will take on only suggestions that will benefit you.

I believe everyone can make the change they want and I look forward to helping you achieve what you want in your life.

I studied Mastery Level Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming through my Modern Psychology diploma with The Mind Academy, Australia, and I hold membership with the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. As such, I am bound by its ethics and professional guidelines in helping you to achieve your aims. I also hold certification as a Life Coach and am a member of Mensa.

Hypnotherapy is as individual as you are. Each person who comes to see me is unique, each smoker who wants to quit; each person with violent outbursts; each person with anxiety. I have experienced the positive impacts of hypnosis with many clients and in my own life, and I get results.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxed state of mind and body. The word Hypnosis is derived from the Greek word 'hypnos', which means sleep. To this day there is no single agreed upon explanation of what hypnosis actually is or what happens inside our mind during it. What has been proven and agreed upon though, are the benefits, both mentally and physically that can be achieved using the state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis or versions of it have been around from early human history, there is documented evidence of ancient cultures using sleep temples and shamans for everything from healing to communing with the gods about seasonal rains. But actual recorded history of hypnosis began in the early 1700's.

Due to the subjective nature of hypnosis and its experiences, empirical evidence is somewhat hard to find that gives a definite answer of what it is and what can be specifically achieved during hypnosis.

What we do know is, Hypnosis is a tool used to relax the body and mind, and as a result quietens the constant chattering of our conscious mind long enough for our sub-conscious mind to begin learning new ways to addressing issues in our life. Combining specific techniques with the hypnotic state such as direct and indirect suggestion, hypno-analysis, regression and metaphor, solutions to lifelong problems can be resolved in a fraction of the time you have been experiencing it for.


What can I expect?

Firstly, you should only ever agree to see a hypnotherapist who you feel completely comfortable with and who takes the time to satisfy any and all of your questions, nothing will prevent success for you quicker than lack of trust in your practitioner.

Once you have selected your practitioner, all that is required of you as a client is to open your mind to the possibility of getting what you want easily. Your intention is the single greatest component of success within any hypnosis session, if you believe that nothing will change, then nothing will, you will prove yourself right every time. But if you set an intention to get what you want, then miracles can happen. Set a firm intention for what you want, then let your Hypnotherapist take care of the rest, simply relax and enjoy the ride.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is possibly the most effective method for change in the world today. It is basically the study of subjective experience – it’s a revolutionary approach to human communication and development.

Neuro - what is happening in our minds (consciously and unconsciously);

Linguistic - our use of language as descriptions of our thoughts, feelings and sensory abilities;

Programming - patterns of behaviour and what we learn and repeat throughout our life.


NLP enables you to understand what makes you the way you are - feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and how you make sense of your life and the world you live in. It assists you in learning how to think and communicate more effectively with both yourself and others.

Based on the discovery that by changing how you think, you can transform what you think. It helps modify your thought and behavioural patterns to suit your goals. NLP literally helps you develop better thinking styles - for faster learning, better relationships and greater success.

NLP will help improve your communication skills, confidence, release unwanted negative emotions and beliefs, develop a positive self image, give an understanding about behaviours in people, enhance your sales abilities, increase motivation and keep a sense of balance and purpose in your life!

“I can highly recommend Diana’s hypnotherapy sessions and cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me. “ “The process of hypnotherapy is very gentle. Diana led me through a deep relaxation experience that left me with the immediate feeling of rejuvenation. I felt fantastic and full of energy and I looked forward to each session. I always felt totally in control and totally aware of what I was doing, trusting the process.” “I am so grateful for the help Diana has given me and the best thing is, I had all the answers myself – it was Diana’s expert guidance that enabled me to access them. Thank you so much. Diana’s help has made such a huge difference in achieving clarity and direction after months of frustration. Recommended!

- Suzanne*

(*results may vary from person to person)

“Highly recommending Diana for making one of my life goals come to life!” “I’m convinced that Diana’s hypnotherapy sessions were catalysts for self-motivation and change. Now that I’m realizing my lifelong goal, I am forever grateful to Diana.” 

— Sharon 

“I learned to drive much later in life, so I didn't have the advantage of the fearlessness that comes with youth. Diana helped me overcome my crippling fear of driving on the motorways. I was a bit sceptical of hypnotherapy, but am now a happy convert to the method. With Diana's patient and friendly help I now experience all the freedom that comes with driving, and I actually enjoy being on the road.” 

— Elizabeth

“Prior to this treatment, I had never considered hypnotherapy for anything, primarily as I did not know what it was. Fortunately, I had been reading about related topics when a close friend explained the hypnotherapy approach and how it works. It then made complete sense.” “At all times during the treatment I felt I was in very competent hands. Diana connected 100% with my issue and very cleverly got to its core, thus enabling her to create a highly individualised and enormously effective treatment. She was wonderfully respectful, understanding and knowledgeable, quite the life-changer.” 

— Julie